Annual Review.

This review will be carried out by the Gaming Committee in July of every year and will include application, meeting and grant procedures, advertising and any other relevant data considered necessary by the Committee. Applicants that have received grants. during the preceding year will be scrutinised as to their authenticity and 10% of all grants will be audited, by the Committee to ensure that the funds granted have been used for an authorised purpose and for whatever reason they were applied for..

Grant Criteria.

Decisions are made based on a number of factors, available funds, application merit, application compliance and whether the Gaming Committee consider that claimants are a bone-fide community organsiation or group known to the Club. Grant Committee meetings are held twice a month on the first Thursday and the third Monday, any grants not actioned at any particular meeting, for any reason, will be held over and considered at the next, or subsequent meetings as deemed appropriate by the Committee.

Annual review will be posted shortly, if space allows.